The public library is a goldmine that most people ignore

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Published on Friday, 04 May 2012 Written by Anonymous Teacher

I once polled my students to see how many of them had a library card... I was shocked at how low the number was.

When I was a child, trips to the library were exciting events where we'd eagerly look for new books.

There's so much knowledge being given away essentially for free in public libraries that it's almost funny to see how much schools are charging for classes that are essentially all book knowledge.

Here's one of my favorite clips of all time where Will Hunting (Matt Damon) ridicules a Harvard student for having wasted money on an education he could have gotten at a public library.

WARNING - video contains prophanities galore

To be fair, there are plenty of subjects that are difficult, if not impossible to learn from books alone. And teachers can provide valuable guidance to a student that a book's author might not be able to.

Still, there are many majors where at least a portion of the classes could be replaced by having students pick up a book and study it on their own.

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