Game Boards for Lewis Carroll's The Game of Logic and Symbolic Logic

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Published on Monday, 10 February 2014 Written by Anonymous Teacher

Lewis CarrollI've created pdf game boards for use with Lewis Carroll's The Game of Logic and Symbolic Logic.

Game Boards

The Game of Logic boards
Symbolic Logic boards

The boards are the same for both books, but in The Game of Logic, Carroll refers to the regions by number, while in Symbolic Logic, he refers to them as North-West, North-East, etc. I've labeled the boards accordingly.


For the counters, I recommend buying some cheap poker chips at walmart or something. It's easy to find sets of red, white, and blue chips. Use the red and blue chips as counters.

If you download the plain-text version of the books from Project Gutenberg, you can just search and replace 'grey' with 'blue' and now the book is customized for your counters! But watch out for where he refers to greyhounds; you don't want to change that to bluehounds.


Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) is best known today as a childrens' author, but he was also a mathematician and Logician. He wrote two books that introduce children to symbolic logic: The Game of Logic, and Symbolic Logic.

Both books serve as stand-alone primers on symbolic logic. Children are introduced to premises and syllogisms, and shown how to derive conclusion by placing colored counters on a gameboard and following rules of deduction.

The Game of Logic is the easier of the two, but it covers less material. So it's best to start out with The Game of Logic, work your way through it, and then move on the Symbolic Logic. There's a lot of overlap, so much of Symbolic Logic will be a review of what you've already learned. But you'll learn a lot of new material along the way.

Since they were published long ago, both books are in the public domain and can be used by anyone to learn or teach a simple form of symbolic logic. Both books can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg for free.

With each copy of this Book is given an Envelope, containing a Diagram (similar to the frontispiece) on card, and nine Counters, four red and five grey.

An envelope, containing two blank Diagrams (Biliteral and Triliteral) and 9 counters (4 Red and 5 Grey), may be had, from Messrs. Macmillan, for 3d., by post 4d.

The Author will be very grateful for suggestions, especially from beginners in Logic, of any alterations, or further explanations, that may seem desirable. Letters should be addressed to him at "29, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London."

Obviously, Project Gutenberg cannot give you the envelope. And I doubt Messrs. Macmillan (Macmillan publishing) still sell it. So I created my own game boards for use with cheap poker chips.

Download the books

A note about Symbolic Logic Part II

Carroll had planed to publish three volumes of Symbolic Logic. Part I can be found at Project Gutenberg. Part II was published only after Carroll's death. It is harder to find, but it was re-published along with Part I in Lewis Carroll's Symbolic Logic (1986).

I have a quantity of MS. in hand for Parts II and III, and hope to be able——should life, and health, and opportunity, be granted to me, to publish them in the course of the next few years. Their contents will be as follows:—


Further investigations in the subjects of Part I. Propositions of other forms (such as “Not-all x are y”). Triliteral and Multiliteral Propositions (such as “All abc are de”). Hypotheticals. Dilemmas. &c. &c.


Analysis of a Proposition into its Elements. Numerical and Geometrical Problems. The Theory of Inference. The Construction of Problems. And many other Curiosa Logica.


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