Homeschooling makes financial sense

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Published on Friday, 04 May 2012 Written by Anonymous Teacher

moneyI was reading a book called Underground History of American Education today when I came upon the following passage about the financial impact of public education.

Read and enjoy:

The cost in New York State for building a well-schooled child in the year 2000 is $200,000 per body when lost interest is calculated. That capital sum invested in the child’s name over the past twelve years would have delivered a million dollars to each kid as a nest egg to compensate for having no school. The original $200,000 is more than the average home in New York costs. You wouldn’t build a home without some idea what it would look like when finished, but you are compelled to let a corps of perfect strangers tinker with your child’s mind and personality without the foggiest idea what they want to do with it.


Isn't that remarkable? with all the money we're spending on delivering a sub-standard education, we could be making kids millionaires!

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