The Awful Failure of Constructivism

Read more: The Awful Failure of Constructivism Constructivism is one of my favorite educational theories to mock, degrade, and put down. So I often look around to see if someone else is doing it.

Just an observation: Google seems to be doing a better job of giving us search results, so a search for a phrase such as "constructivism sucks", no longer gives us only pro-contructivism articles. :-)

A guy named Scott seems to have come to similar conclusions about constructivism after reviewing some non-biased evidence.

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Constructivist Math Sucks

Read more: Constructivist Math SucksThere are a lot of 'new' maths out there that promise to increase math understanding in students by using constructivism. The idea is that by having kids figure things out for themselves, and do a lot of 'critical' thinking, they will come to a better understanding of math. There's just one problem: it doesn't work well.

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Constructivism's fundamental mistake

Read more: Constructivism's fundamental mistakeAs I see it, Constructivism is founded on the idea that learners can't just copy what they see, hear, or read into their brains. They have to 'construct' some sort of representation of that meaning it their brain.

This isn't controversial. Psychologists have found good evidence that this is how our memory works.

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