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  • American Education

    US-DeptOfHeathEducationAndWelfare-SealPhotoCumpolsory free public education has been in America for around 100 years. During that time, it's experienced a dramatic decline in effectiveness. Actually, colleges and universities are doing fine. America has some great colleges and universities. Our primary and secondary schools, however, suck big time.

    In this category, I'll post articles about the woefull state of education in America today.

  • Constructivism

    Constructivism: Soviet Russia's educational legacy Constructivism is the belief that you can't actually teach students anything, so instead of telling them useful information, you should give them some sort of activity to do and hope they figure everything out by themselves.

    This is an extremely inefficient method of instruction. Apart from being slow, it also does little to ensure that students learn what they are intended to learn, Neither does it safeguard students from "learning" their own mistaken conclusions.

    Constructivists consider the teacher's role to a "facilitator" where he doesn't actually teach anything; he just helps students figure everything else out on their own.

  • Education History

    old schoolroomEducation has been around since time immemorial. Compulsory public education has been in America for about a hundred years.

    In the last 50 years or so, American students' verbal SAT scores have declined so much that the makers of the SAT changed the scale.

    New math and it's ilk have produced high school graduates who haveheard of the commutative property, but don't know their multiplication tables.

  • Direct Instruction

    800px-Math lecture at TKKDirect instruction was founded by Siegfried Engelmann in 1964 at the University of Illinois Institute for Research on Exceptional Children. Project Follow Through, the largest educational study ever conducted in America, found that direct instruction was by far, the most effective model in education. Moreover, all direct instruction models that exist are based on Engelmann’s original theories and research regarding the most effective way to teach children

    Unfortunately, few American teachers know much about direct instruction and almost none know about Project Follow Through, despite it being the largest and most expensive educational study ever conducted.

  • Homeschooling

    800px-HOME SWEET HOMEI'm all for homeschooling. As a parent, you can probably educate your children far better than the government-run, dogma-ridden, failure of an educational system we have in the USA.

    If you live in Asia or Europe, however, you probably aren't reading this because your educational system is probably pretty darn good.

    If you're worried that your kids won't learn social skills, then let me tell you this: Other kids are complete jerks. They don't have social skills either, so your kid isn't going to learn anything from them anyway. Adults are much nicer and much better role-models when it comes to social skills.

    Let your kids learn social skills from the experts: you and other adults.

    Teach them some etiquette while you're at it and they'll be light-years ahead of kids in public school.

  • Self Taught

    booksThe word for a self-taught person is autodidact, but I thought that word was a little too snooty to use here, so I opted for the plain and simple self-taught.

    I have great respect for people who give themselves an education. Abraham Lincoln taught himself law. He merely had to pass the state bar to prove that he could practice law.

    There is a great wealth of knowledge made freely accessible by libraries. Those with the inclination and dedication can take that knowledge without having to spend the ridiculous amounts of money that schools charge.

  • Education Dogma

    Airedale PSFThere are plenty of dogmatic ideas that dominate American primary and secondary education. Many of them are taken as fact despite ample evidence that they are not true.

    This category holds articles about various education dogma that don't quite deserve a category of their own.

    For example, expect to see critiques of learning styles, differentiated instruction, and Bloom's taxonomy.

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